Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sleek Blush BY 3

I love a bright and highly pigmented blusher, so I was really excited to see the new Sleek 'Blush By 3' palettes in my local Superdrug last week!

After looking at the displays, I realised the palette I wanted the most, was of course sold out! 

The blusher palettes are available in the following colours:

LACE -bright coral (matte), shimmery golden pinky peach, pale peach (matte).

PUMPKIN - Super bright tangerine (matte), true pink (somewhere in between baby and hot pink - another matte), coraly shimmery peach.

FLAME - muted shimmery red, bright true red (matte), slightly shimmery tan.

PINK SPIRIT - plum with red undertones, bright bold fuschia, plum with purple undertones (all matte).

SUGAR - tan, shimmery brown, maroon with subtle shimmer.

Lace, is by far the most wearable palette if you have paler skin and prefer a more subtle look. I'm sure this is the reason why I had to trek around every Superdrug in a 30 mile radius just to find it (well I'm exaggerating, I have a 30 mile commute to work anyway)!
I'd definitely say it was worth the hunt! The middle colour in the Lace palette is simply gorgeous. And dare I say it, a dupe for NARS Orgasm but with slightly more shimmer and pigmentation. 

I've swatched all the colours in all the palettes and, all bar one or two, the colours are VERY pigmented, regardless of whether they're matte or shimmery. 

There are some great original colours in there such as the tangerine shade in the Pumpkin palette.
The bright matte red in the Flame palette is verrrry similar to Sleek's Scandalous blush which was a limited edition Valentine's Day exclusive from last year. Red blushes like this are surprisingly wearable, but just go very gently! This red reminds me of MAC's Frankly Scarlett, but with the Sleek, you'll end up picking more product up onto the brush, so you will need to go slowly! It's not that the MAC blush is less pigmented, they just happen to be packed in more tightly, the Sleek blushes seem a little looser, only by a margin!

You can pick up these palettes for a limited time from most branches of Superdrug. They retail at £9.99 each.
To be honest I was a little surprised at the price since a Sleek eyeshadow palette costs around £6.99. Maybe this is a sign that Sleek prices are set to rise? Either way, I would say it's worth the cash because these will last!  They're just as good as most 'high end' blushes where you'd never get three for under a tenner!

Over all, there are a great selection of colours here, something suitable for any skin tone! From what I've tried so far, these last all day on top of foundation, and provide an excellent colour payoff from palette to brush to face!


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